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Thread: ski babies

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    I`m just wondering! When did your kids grab the rope? My daughter is an adreneline junky too. Shes 2 now I was thinking of starting her in july, running her on the beach insted of a boat. Shes my first child and this is my first boat so what do I know. I realy want your honest opinion or stories of trying this. Feel free to be an a22 I`m a bigger one. Chears!!!!!!

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    I was 3 when I started skiing. My dad used to pull me on the beach too. Skis tied together and handle tied to skis. When finally behind the boat, they held the handle in the boat so if I fell, they would let go and I wouldn't be dragged. I was on doubles at 3 and I started singling at 8. Been skiing ever since.

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    Thanks BN527. So my Idea is good. does anyone know of anyone that my have some skies that will fit a childs 7 or 8. Not that I have a problem buying new skies. I just don`t want to spend too much money on them if I need to get her new ones. Also I thought of sitting in the tube and hoding the rope so I can talk to her.

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    Play it Again Sports has a good variety, but it's best to call to see if they have any in stock first...

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    Parker James Burnett, age 3
    The best junior skis are cut down adult skis with the tail squared off

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    I`d seen sets at the thrift store for $5.00 . I`ll do it.

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    AdrenalineOD you've got a PM.

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    Originally posted by PHX ATC
    AdrenalineOD you've got a PM. Post mark? Pissed mom, Philipino mother?

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    Ha ha, you're killing me, Private Message.
    Go up to your "user CP" button (top of the page, little purple box with yellow letters, about the middle) click it and ponder around until you find the message.
    Phillipino mother, hilarious.

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    My Daughter started when she was 5. She wasn't ready any earlier. We also wouldn't let her out there until she could swim competently without her life jacket. She is now 9 and I can't get her off the ski when we are out.
    My son tried last year at 5 years old. But had a hard time. We bought a new trainer from Overtons for him to try out this year. We will se how it goes.

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