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Thread: Olds 455 exhaust manifolds

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    I need a set of Olds 455 exhaust manifolds. Headers are not an option. I would like to find a set of early model ones without the crossover but at this point I will consider anything. Thanks

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    ive got a set of aluminium logs with risers. ill have to get em out to see what make they are. but they are definatly for an olds 455.
    is that what you are looking for?

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    Be careful with used Olds logs. The center area with the 2 exhaust ports together is prone to overheat, cracking, and warpage. Used ones are many times taken off for a reason and end up at the swap meet or on ebay for sale. Just check em out throughly before buying any.

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    sorry guess I should have been more clear. I need AUTOMOTIVE exhuast manifolds. more specifically for a cutlass .thanks for the replys though.

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    no problem. sorry i couldnt help.
    rex. your right about the shared center ports getting hot and possibly warping. i have never ran these as i allready had a set on the boat. i just bought a complete 455 that someone was doing the swap to a chevy. but they look pretty good. i wont be needing them, so i thought if i could help a brotha out. you know?

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    Back in the days when Olds were popular we sold lots of replacement logs because of center burnout. Not that many left around any more I guess.

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