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Thread: didn't get my past issue of Hot Boat

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    Called the subscription line yesterday and advised them what happend to my subscription, I havne't received any magazines since December. I notified a change of address back in early January. The guy on the other line was such a a$$! I had to argue with hime to send me my Feb. and March issue!
    He told to remit my change of address notification I told him its already off, I've moved to Oceanside back in December.
    This jerk off finally said he would remit my Feb and March issue back out! Kind of late now I suppose, but better late than never!
    Guess I'll head to the LA Boat show this saturday, at least I can see some of the boats since I didn't get my mag
    Bob (RvrkaosI)

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    Stop by the booth and I'll give you one. Darren with Hot Boat gave us a BUNCH!

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    I paid for 2 years but I get 2 issues a month insted and renewal notesses have been coming in. I called 5 times. Now Im perchesing a bazooka insted

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    I have been trying to call in my new subscription. I keep getting a recording... We will be with you in a moment.....For 20 minutes....

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    Who's magazine?

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    Originally posted by OGShocker
    Stop by the booth and I'll give you one. Darren with Hot Boat gave us a BUNCH!
    No wonder they always have a lot of extras since they don't always mail them out to those of us with subscriptions......

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    Darren brought us the East Coast version. So, only the right coast folks can blame HB for thier copies going to the Boat Show.

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    I signed up at the Boat show and got the shirt and a the last two isses. Not to mention one sorry looking key float.
    Hope I get mine in the mail, I paid ca$h! :eek!:

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    Hot Boat is giving out the November issue (I think that's the one). It's their annual bathing suit issue

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