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Thread: Motor Rigging Pictures

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    Lets see some nice pictures of motor rigging. I want to get some new ideas and see how everyone has their plumbing systems setup.
    Here are a couple I like.
    These water inlet crossovers are really nice.
    This t valve setup is nice.
    Nice fuel lines
    These breathers are nice.
    And of course this rigging is the best ive seen.

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    I want the last 1 in my boat

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    You're just jealous cuz your toolbox is so damn slow
    Did you notice the alcohol injection?

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    oh Sh!+, its faster than I thought

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    I hope Squirtcha? posts some pics of his ride he has a very nice setup that looks killer!!
    Post em up Dan show your shit

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    No way dude! These motors totally outclass my hackjob.
    (Sorry to the real hackjob)
    Besides I don't have any pictures. LOL
    Hell unchained's tool chest looks better than my motor!

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    that is unreal, unchained and i not only have the same boats, we even have the same speakers in the shop! two great minds lol brad

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