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Thread: Dart or Merlin block

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    The Dart I did was machined closer tolerance and deck heights right on. Line hone was straight. I did 4 Merlins. All 4 were a mess as far as machine accuracy, 2 of them I had to even line hone. Both are good blocks when finished. I give the edge to the Dart.
    The Merlin had dowel locating main caps which I really liked. The Dart didn't have that but had a deeper main cap locater than std BBC.
    But remember, I'm picky.

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    comin' unscrewed
    Do both have indexed lifter bores?

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    Dave C
    wanting a straight line hone ain't that picky.
    Maybe I should have my Merlin checked then...

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    Go for the Dart, It has the extra head bolt bosses and better machine work.

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    My vote is for Dart.

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    Originally posted by Dave C
    wanting a straight line hone ain't that picky.
    Maybe I should have my Merlin checked then...
    The block I had to line hone was .001 small on #4 main. How this happened I have no clue. I had to get the customer and show him and explain that I would be cutting his other main caps down .001 and then line hone his new block. So I would not be cutting #4 cap since it was already small. Didn't want someone to say "Hey, he never cut this cap, etc, etc" down the road.
    One deck was .032 higher than the other and tapering to the rear. All the merlins I did were about the same as far as deck heights varying. The lifter holes were o.k.
    After the first Merlin, I decided to take my "bar" (a ground dead straight bar that is .0003 smaller than low side spec of BBC spec) to Summit to purchase the other blocks. Out of 6 blocks tested, my bar would only go through 2 of the blocks, showing the others not straight. This may have been a production run problem and since been corrected. But never hurts to check. I'm not bad mouthing Merlins here.

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    I am not sure but does the MERLIN have priority main oiling like the dart??? The dart seems like the logical choice otherwise..

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    Both have the "small block oiling" priority oiling systems.

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