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Thread: Thanks DMV

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    Gee after cashing my check and two months they graciously sent us our 05 stickers. :yuk: They do cash a fast check though.

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    I have had mine since the beginning of December
    Looks like your OK at B.V. now, I am tired of bailing you out:frown:

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    They must have ran out of stickers.
    Took three months to get mine.

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    My tags came yesterday. They sent them here with my old address on them but they sent the renewal form here. how the f@$% does that happen?? Oh ya I sent it in october

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    Doug H.
    Just got mine today too.

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    I hear the DMV is running way behind due to the refunds of the reversal of the car tax. There are people who haven't got there tags from Nov. on their cars.

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    Just found mine in the mail too

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    Wow they must have found all the stickers.

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    Originally posted by LUVNLIFE
    Wow they must have found all the stickers.
    Thed exit pipe was clogged. you know how that can be:yuk:

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    got my o5 tags for both boats 3 weeks ago.

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