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Thread: I bought TWO new boats

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    Heheh, new to me that is. I found 'em in a field North of Dallas, been sittin' awhile. Both are Lone Stars, built in this area from 47 to mid 70's. One is a 1960 18' daycruiser, the other is a 1957 21' cruiser. They are all aluminum construction. I'm gonna restore the cruiser first, put a couple of old Merc four bangers on the back and paint it red and white.
    Check out this beauty....

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    I can't tell if you are joking or not....

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    Nope, serious. I really like old boats. I have a 1959 15' fiberglass runabout with fins, it's cool shit.
    This boat has a nice interior layout, little bathroom and kitchen deal. It'll be fun to go puttin' around in.
    I got both boats, trailers, and a 1965 60 horse Evinrude for 450 bucks.

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    that's a very cool boat! it would be great to cruise the Delta here in NorCal with that thing. If you're not joking, good luck in the restoration. If you are joking, you ought to look into really picking it up.

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    Well, in that case, congratulations!!!!
    That looks like a lot of boat to work on. I mean, just restoring a 19' is a lot of work! You sure could have a big party on that thing though!!!

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    NorCal Gameshow
    kinda has that PT-109 look goin' on

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    Originally posted by NorCal Gameshow
    kinda has that PT-109 look goin' on
    McHale's Navy in my case.

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    Old boats are the shit. Makes me wanna put a 850 ft/lb duramax into a 1950's tug boat. Some day

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    Congratulations rrr and good luck with the restore. Can't wait to see the progress pics.

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