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Thread: To Advance or not to Advance?

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    Can somone tell me the pro's & cons of locking out the centrifugal
    Advance on a boat?

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    One con would be that the piston/crank would be pushed backward because the timing is too advanced, making it hard to start. That is one of the last problems you want.
    I do believe there are devices out there that will lessen the advance when first firing the engine and then go back to full advance when the engine is running.

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    Locked out advance is used primarily on blown motors. There we only use 34 to 36 total timing. Blown gas with low compression starts easily with a 34 locked out mag. Blown alcohol we get away with it, but a little tricky.
    Unblown race stuff we curve the distributor to a minimum advance total. Then we try to start around 22 to 25 inital (depends on compression) with full advance (38 to 40) at 2000 rpm. Makes them leave hard.
    Not for pump gas.

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    We run 37 degrees with a locked out mag in the PS boat. Injected BBC, 13:1, and we have always used a stock GM starter! As long as the battery is hot, we've never had a problem, BUT we just start for the heat, and then back on the trailer, its different than a pleasure boat that starts and stops alot. In that case, I would curve the distributor to have it all in at about 3K, with an initial setting of 10 to 14 degrees, and about 14 to 18 in the advance, for a total of 28 to 32. It'll start nice, and should have a pretty good snap...................Moneypitt

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    LeE ss13
    Hey Moneypitt ... has Jeff W. PS333 been in touch with you about his proposed WPRA ???

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    Dave C
    MSD 6AL (?) box has a 10 degree start retard. It takes out 10 degrees during start up.
    I agree with you guys. don't lock out on a lake boat that requires alot of stopping and starting all day long. Not worth it.
    Race boat on the rope its OK.

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    OK, here's my setup: MSD Dist, 6m-2 box & rev-lmtr, also I have installed a MSD timing control box for my Nos system with the control dial mounted on the dash. With this box I have 15deg to play with. I have my Timing set @36deg, and if I set my TCB @ 10deg this will give me 10deg to retard @ startup & for my Nos, but will also give me 5deg advance if I want to run straight race gas. Is this a good setup?

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    SS 13, no. However, he should contact Mike Lee @ Flat Crazy Racing. He owns and drives PS 89, I'm just the wrench/pit boss kinda guy. I signed him up on the board back in Nov. when I was over in BHC working on the boat.... Anything has to be better than APBA.........Do you think APBA is killing themselves on purpose?? Sure seems like it!.......Ray

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