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Thread: Billet speaker grills???

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    Does anyone have experience with billet speaker grills?? If so are they expensive? and where can i find them? Also pics would be nice....

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    Get your butt over to the Boat Show. You can't seem to walk more that 20 feet downstairs and run into another company selling billet speaker grills. Also check out Commanders display, their deck boat must have about 30 of them.

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    Ya coach i plan to go this sat and see what they have.... just trying to get some feedback before i go....

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    No personal experience but saw this ad in ***boat
    billet grills (

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    Wizard Billet (
    Ron's Custom Detail and Stereo (
    Both of these are located in Havasu and have big selections of Billet Grills....
    I think Ron's might be a cheaper..

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    The name is Wizard and they are out of Havasu and have a booth at boat show. They are $$$$$$$

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    Hi everyone
    If you arent able to get down to the boat show, one of the companys at the boat show that makes the stero billet goodies is and the other company I cant remember the name and I lost their business card, but maybe some else knows the other company. And I believe that the commander at the show used this companys products if I can remember correctly...but DONT quote me...
    well hpoe this helps you out...

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    Thanks... i checked out wizard and i tlooks like 6x9 grills are $150 a pair ya they are a bit pricey...

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    I think Ron's are around a 160 for a pair...also the pics on his website don't do them justice...
    I think Wizard are nicer, but also more expensive.

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    No doubt they look bitchen. But I hesitate to get them due to cost, not providing as much protection (i.e. from poking fingers and stuff), and most of the designs block the tweeter imparing the sound. But again they look bitchen!

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