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Thread: Complete 460 Motor For Sale

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    Still Wanna Be Blown
    This Is A Freshly Rebuilt Ford 460 With All The Goodies Just Plug Your Senders/Battery On It And Fire It Up. Basset Injected Headers,Single Quad Tunnel Ram, 12Qt Oil Pan,Ford Fact Dist W/Petronx Kit,Ford Motorsport Alum Valve Covers,Harmin Marine Plates, Jet Coupler,Holley Carburetor, This Motor Was Pulled Out Of A Running Repossed 19' Jet And Test Ran At Elsinore, The Stringers Were Broken On The Hull So I Cut It Up The Comlpete Motor Is At Pro Machine And The'll Do A Tear Down And Refresh If You Like......Asking $2,500.00 Complete And Will Try To Post Pic's By Sunday Thank's....

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    put an MSD on it, trust me. That petronix kit sucks ASSSSSS !!!!!!!

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    Still Wanna Be Blown
    Buy It And I'll Let You Put Whatever You Want On It Cuz It'll Be Your's

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    Where were you 2 weeks ago? Damn. Sounds like a killer deal. Change the hat to a dual quad and I`m in. What is shipping on that unit to New Orleans?

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    Still Wanna Be Blown
    I Have A Dual Quad Intake On A 460 In A Charger 19' Jet Boat....I'm Selling The Whole Boat For $2,500.00...It's A Lien Sale So I Don't Know Much About It It's A Damn Good Project.

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    will she fit in a Sanger???
    SOunds sTOUt,,,
    Dang, time to sell the 4x4,, and step up my moter

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