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Thread: Am I evil?

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    Hmmm. Well now. I. I just ... uhh ... oh! :idea: I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.
    Are YOU evil? Evil O Meter Quiz (

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    Okay I'm tired and I had a thought (rare thing that but nonetheless) there's an image of big purple dinosaur Barney on that image I just posted ... someone considered that to be a good image ... I do not. Big purple dinosaur Barney is evil. The only good Barney IMO is laying in a pool of purple blood with a pitchfork sticking out of his back. So good or evil is a matter of perspective. That was as far as my thought got. I'm quite tired. 'K Goodnight. :sleeping:

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    FM you are having a birthday hallucination I believe.

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    Must have been that damn young kid music I listen to.

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    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

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    Kim Hanson
    I think it lies .......( . )( . ).........

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    Dave C
    I'm insane.... I should have posted it...darn

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