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    I decided to redo the inside of my 72 Lavey Craft. When I got inside this is what I found. All the stringers look like they have been cut down so that a flat floor could be put down. Unfortunately they didn't seal the tops of the stringers and now they are all bad. My train of thought is to take all of it out and put all new stuff back in. Any ideas?

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    Looks like it's time for new stringers and a complete rewrap job.
    Not a big deal, send it out. It's only money.

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    Don't you just love the craftmanship of some "boating" mechanics/restorers. My son bought a boat from a guy that really needed a lifetime LIMP,(family still won't tell me where to find this guy) that had all the stringers cut out of it. He said it was a "great boat" and even the assholes mother lied about the boat, which was a death trap!! wound up chainsawing it up and dumping it in the trash, little at a time. Hope your project has more reasons to restore than that one did, IT was only a jet!!....Money(still wanting to break his legs)pitt.

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    The same thing happened to me. you cannot trust anyone when it comes to money matters. I did almost what moneypitt did,I sold the boat minus engine but I told the buyer exactly why I was selling it right down to the soggy stringers. My son (Bowtie Omega) bought a boat with pretty much the same problems and started restoring it. Barney finished it and while expensive it is a beautifull boat that will give he and his family much enjoyment.
    I also have an old Lavey(1966)and for the most part it's beautiful.
    There are not to many around anymore so you might think about keeping it. v-drive

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    I have decided to re do it myself. The only question I have is what is the best lumber to use for the stringers?

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    Well my son used phillipine mahogany(spelling) but I think any good kiln dried lumber is acceptable after all it will be completely wrapped and sealed..... v-drive

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    Clear fir. What hull is that? Motor placement- shaft log- v drive a little different?

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    I have a stringer problem in the Schiada just bought. Everything looked great until I pulled the wood off under the Cuddy Cabin. Talk to Ducky on the boards, he is real Knowledgable about fiberglass and stringer work. Its too bad people in the past left these classics out to rott in the weather, thank god there are avid boat enthusiasts like on these boards to put these classic baby's back to life!

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