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Thread: Flywheel???

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    Wetter the Better
    Hey Gear Heads
    I have a question? I have a 85 sbc w/ a alpha 1.and the flywheel looks like a manual trans type less machining of the face for the clutch, Does this sound right??? In the world of boating do you wanna run a heavy or light fly wheel and if the lighter was desired can you use a sfi auto type flywheel?????,all your info is greatly needed
    Thanks Stan

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    If you want light weight go with an SFI flex plate. Usually the only benefit is weight savings. If your engine is externally balenced you need one that is matched to your balenceing requirements. Internally balenced motors can run any combo as long as it's neutral balence. Personally I would go with the steel flywheel, i've run both flex or flywheel and haven't seen any gains or losses.

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    Wetter the Better
    hey mopar426
    i thought the lighter would allow the rpm,s to rise quicker than the heavier one,but i can loose the the manual trans flywheel with a sfi flex plate?and the engine is a 350
    thanks stan

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    Just get the correct flex plate for your engine. If you have an externally balenced engine it will have to have counter weights. You will have to change your PTO also.

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    W t B, As I'm sure you're aware, the SBC 350 is internally balanced, so ANY chevy, except 454 and SB 400, flexplate will fit. The deciding factor will be starter ring/ starter alignment. So, if the replacement flexplate is the same diameter, your present starter should work. In a boat the only thing the flywheel/flexplate does is start the motor, so IMO the lighter the better. ( If you plan on RPMs past about 5500, find a SFI approved flexplate.)..........................Moneypitt

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    Wetter the Better
    thanks money that is what i wanted to know and i am aware of the internally balance of the 350.i am also being told that the flex plate is used to dampen the engine pulses (parts live longer).i couldnt figure out why they would use a fhy wheel instead of a it all makes sence

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