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    Thinking of taking the boat out to havasu on the 11/15 , hows the water level have they started raising it yet ?...derek

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    AZ Game & Fish ( websight has info that is updated weekly. Currently says Havasu is down 6 ft. Can any of the locals verify that?

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    Just talked to my buddie who has a house in tht Landing. He says it's way low, can't even launch his boat. Lots of docked boats with buried outdrives, ouch
    Reports are that levels should be coming up later this week

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    doesnt sring break officially start at the end of feb....?

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    This photo is from the launch ramp at Site 6
    As of Friday night, the water has not started to come up. We are going to havasu on Saturday morning, and will give a better update after the weekend.

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