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Thread: Spring Break

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    Whos going to Havasu for Spring Break, and on what dates?

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    nope.. no boat..

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    You can go in ours CHAR

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    hey kilrtoy.. that sounds good to me as long as I can stare at your wife all day. if she doesn't mind. gotta go to bed but I will talk to you about it on sunday..

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    Are you going to stare like a mental patient,
    I always do

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    Park Moabi 4/22 - 4/25

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    Alright I got your answer to the Spring Break ?. Well March 12-28 is when Spring Break will be going off. That 1st week March 12th-21st will be ASU, U of A, USC and tons of other schools. The week after that will be pretty much all the Cal State schools and also UCLA. Of course this all depends on if MTV comes or not. If they do you can expect a very wild bunch of people showing up. Here's the info. Now let's get ready to look at 18 year old chicks wearing thongs. hehe. Only problem is getting them into Kokomos.

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    Is it just me or does spring break get earlier and earlier every year????

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    Originally posted by Kilrtoy
    Are you going to stare like a mental patient,
    I always do
    is seems to be earlier.
    Kilrtoy, he will stare like a comotose zombie.. he just loves her.. and so do I..

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    March 12-14 the WORCS series round 3 will be on the island by Crazy Horse. If you are there catch some dirt bike racing. Lots of off road pros. Ty Davis, Lance Smail, Shane Watts, Scott Sheak, Destry Abbott, Robert Naughton, and other big names may show. You can see some of the course from your boat.

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