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    other then what you think of there quality! do certain pumps have a certain purpos by design(is berk for hi-perf,jacuzzi's for sking)for instance i am not saying this is there use's.

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    To push water?

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    From what i have been told and researched, the single impeller mixed flow pumps are the best for going fast. Obviously the berk pumps are more popular these days and therefor parts are cheaper and what not. I was considering dumping my jacuzzi and was told by a couple of people that they were competitive back in the day, just didn't have the time and effort like the berks did. I kept it and am told that it will not have a problem pushing my boat to 100.
    The multiple impeller pumps work well on larger boats from what I have read in my seloc manual.
    Funny thing is, the Seloc manual covers just about every pump out there except for the 12WJ, saying that boats with those pumps have been known to exceed 100mph and that they have not included it because the books focus is on recreational pumps. Thats just rediculous if you ask me. It like to do a comparison between a pimped out berk and my jacuzzi and see which is faster with no other set up. I wonder what it would take to mate a berk suction housing to a jacuzzi intake....

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    brendellajet so if you do the same type of mods to any pump you can tune it for your purpose,be it pulling a skier on top speed runs.

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