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Thread: NorCal Boat Show

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    hit up the show at pleasanton today. one f29, one 30ish skater, a couple eliminators, couple of ultras. nothing over the top awesome. tons of pontoons, yacht types, and lots of tournament ski boats.
    parking was 8 bucks....doesnt seem like much for the LA show, but it was a little high for a show in the middle of no where.
    it was good meeting you drew. sorry it was only a quick hello, didnt wanna keep ya from sellin a couple of 29's! i'll have to stop by the shop one of these days.

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    Good meeting you too sorry we did'nt get to talk more, feel free to stop by the shop any time.

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    any real hot boats? im going to go this week. is it the same stuff as on weekends?

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    that f29 was the nicest pleasure boat out there IMO, but there were alot of nice yacht type and a whole bunch of aluminum (pontoons and fishing boats). Some of those tournament boats were really nice and the only salesman who gave me the time of day was a guy from larson marine while i was looking at a nautique.
    a couple of nice boats not there, i bet drew would make you a swingin deal on one of those twins!

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    Going into the last weekend of the show stop by the DCB both and say hello, or better yet buy a new or used DCB for this summer. See Ya there With your check book Drew. 925-828-5775

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