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Thread: Looking for a prop shop in the bay area. Fremont CA

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    Most of the boat repair centers have someone come by and pick up props every week. I am looking to cut out the middle man and speed up my process. Any help out there?

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    I bought a prop from this guy listed below & have been VERY happy with his results. I just shipped mine to him for some re-work & tuning. Shipping is $15 bucks & he pays the return. I would highly recommend Steve, call him & talk to him. There just aren't any guys in the bay area that know props I feel or know about so I'll send it to someone I trust.
    Steve Glenn
    Keystone Propeller Service
    1202 W. Keystone Expressway
    Sand Springs, OK 74063

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    Aluminum Squirt
    I'm mostly a jet guy but at the urging of the wife we added a prop boat to the stable and when I found out why I don't like prop boats, Kevin at Kevin's Prop Shop(925)757-4468 in Antioch took very good care of us. He does all of his own work and is a nice guy on top of that. Tell him Jeff with the blue Essex sent you-Aluminum Squirt

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    I would also recommend giving Steve at Keystone in Oklahoma a call.
    I live in the area and have visited his shop....
    lots of business for all types of boaters.
    He has been a great help in getting my props dialed in.
    Steve is also a performance boater and LISTENS to his customer's problems and their needs by obtaining all the necessary information. The
    prices are also fair.
    Good luck!

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    Robbie Racer
    I use Jim Leiby "Prop Master" over in Copperopolis (near Tullach lake). He does excellent work and I highly recommend him. His number is 888-311-5549. Keith

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    Thanks everyone, I have not committed to do any work but I will call Prop Master, Keith's and keystone. I got my hands on a brand new Merc 4.75 x 22 and want to get it rehubed for my Cobra SX(Volvo). I am running 4900 RPM WOT with a SS 21 and my mfg specs say I should be running around 4400 RPM. This prop should give me 1 or 2 MPH if my calculations are right. I am running around 63 1/2 full tank now and every MPH makes a difference at that speed.

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