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Thread: Dallas boat show

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    Allright, who's is going?

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    good...maybe it won't be that crowded.

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    Originally posted by Keith
    Allright, who's is going?
    Hey Keith.... I went last Saturday. It was about the same as usual, but I didnt' see near as many hot boats. Just a bunch of the regulars. Last time I was there the realy hot stuff was out in the tents, and there were a few motor displays, too. I eventually talked to a guy that was a salesman, (can't remember for who) and as we talked I realized that he didn't know what a Hydro drag boat was!!!! I had to grab a beer after that......

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    i went last saturday, too. had some q's about the eliminators, but i guess i looked like i couldn't even buy a beer...

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    Hey you buncha DEADBEATS...
    I had fun at the show, but that's cuz I talked the missus into buying a new one....
    Sorry I missed you.
    See you at Lewisville, Randy?

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