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Thread: New Mirage Owner

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    Rick Byers
    I recently purchased a 2001, 20.4' Blue Water Mirage, 250 hp EFI Volvo V8 with SX drive. Still in the break in period. Have had Boat at 3700rpm cruiseing at 44 mph on Lake Berryessa In NorCal. Dealer said boat was a 60+ mph boat at WOT of 5000rpm is this close. It has a 14.5 19 alum prop on it from the factory. I love the way it handles in choppy water on the lake. Any comments on this boat make and model good bad or otherwise. Oh when I want to go fast I take out my SeaDoo GTX-DI for my speed rush. Thanks Rick

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Hey neighbor,
    Made my first trip to Berryessa this year- nice place. On your speeds, I think the dealer may be a little "optimistic". I think that drive comes in 3 ratios- 1.6, 1.51, and 1.43 to 1. Doing the math, with 10% slip, you'll need to turn that 19" alot more than 5,000 RPMs to hit 60 MPH. Perhaps 50+ MPH is more realistic.
    As far as the SeaDoo, you're absolutely right- big embarassment when a PWC pulls on you!

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    Dude, I have a 98 bluewater Mirage with particulars on "exhaust thru hull or not" posted on the outdrive tech. 5000 RPM seems a bit high for that motor stock. I push 4400 - 4600 RPM and pull a solid 62mph It has a 5.7GS carbed rated at 250hp. It is my second motor due to a late night run not watching my gauges and sucking a bag(fire). The performance was the same with both motors. My outdrive is an Cobra SX with 1.51 gears. 14 3/4 SS prop made the performance solid where as the stock aluminum was effected by weight. Move you weight to the back or you will get chine walk at 60. Expect lots of air, playing with the big boys but not taking the big water like them. You will be able to slow, jump the wake and catch up tho. Its like driving a jetski with a windshield and a boomin stereo. I am out at the delta every sunny weekend. Black and Tan on white with zero logos. Small Black flames behind the window. I can send you a few picks and some of the dash with the speedo hitting 64(heh)The seedoo's do not catch me.

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    Rick Byers
    Mirage where on the Delta do you run. I am in Benicia. Maybe if you are close we can get togother some weekend for a run around the Delta. Rick

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    I launch at Lazy M, hit the track for big air over to riverboat for drinks, up to Gusties for a cold one(cruise and rock), and over back to Windmill, Garlic Bros for good draft or lost isle for a hook up with some other boaters. Days are short so runs end early now tho.. I will ping you next time I go out. The delta is small and can cruise the whole thing in a day. for personal info. Send pics if you got em.

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