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Thread: Such a Beautiful day...

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    Kindsvater Flat

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    Jake W
    I thought rain was good for the farm boys?

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    I am tired of the rain too, as it rains alot in the Santa Cruz mtns. But look on the bright side. The lakes should be fulll this year.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Originally posted by Jake W
    I thought rain was good for the farm boys?
    It is but I was planning on being on the tractor today. I wanted to get some stuff done.

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    enjoy the rain, you could have this weather and look what it does to you..

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    the weather

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    Blown 472
    Sheesh you californians are whiney lot, you bitch when it rains, you bitch when there is no water in the lake, you bitch when it is 70 degrees if feb, is there no making you happy??

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    Talk about bad weather! I had to wear a long sleeve shirt last night! I think it might have dropped into the low 60's

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    Boy tell me about it it was 55, the sun was shining in Vacaville Saturday and I had to put a flanel shirt on.

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