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Thread: More pump questions

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    Asked around about my new project.Everyone said boat was fast but leaked water. Asked the previous owner about this he said don't worry about it the bilge pump can keep up with the leak.
    filled the back with water and found leaks.What sealer or would a new gasket fix this? It is leaking BAD where the pump mounts to the intake.(Orange silicone was dead giveaway to problem.)http://www.***

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    Duane HTP
    If the actual leak is between the pump and intake, yes it should fix it. When you have it apart, be sure to scrape or sand all of the black powder coating off where the gasket meets the two surfaces. I've seen a lot of them leak between the powder coating and the pump or suction piece metal. Then put in a new gasket, and put it in with no sealer, for best results.

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    Next question
    The nylon type seal at the nozzle is messed up.
    Is this repairable or replaceable?http://www.***
    If replaceable do you have a part #?
    It is from a dom pump with a droop.

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    HotRod Sprint
    Hey Duane, I have a couple of very small leaks where the intake bolts through the hull. Don't really want to mess with taking the intake out and putting it back in at this point just to seal it, if it is not necessary. What are your thoughts?

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