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Thread: Halftime show...WTF?

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    They couldn't come up with anything better than that? P Diddly, Nelly and She-Jacko lip syncing was lame. At least Kid Rock sacked up and actually sang. But where were the West Coast and Orange County Chopper guys?

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    That was lame.

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    Am I the only one that saw what Justin Timberlake did at the end of his deal where he reached over to Janet's right breast and pulled back her top to reveal either a pastie or a piercing? Mistake or part of the show?

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    i usually dont post here much but am i the only one that saw janet's junk fall out right before the camera cut away? everybody else in my house at my "party" saw it.

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    Damn, I missed it. I had already changed the channel. At least we didn't have to watch something ultimately stupid like P.Dummy and Nelly kissing.

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    Laughed my ass off

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    Worse halftime show I've ever seen!:yuk:

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    That was by far the worst half time show in the history of NFL. What a waste of time. On a lighter note, Budweiser rocks...that damn horse date cracked me up soooo bad...

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    Someone said earlier this week that Janet was going to be riding in on a Jesse James custom. I bet $20.00 that her nipples would be hard. No bike, no nipples....... no more $20.00 for me!

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    what happened to jesse james riding jj out on his harley.

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