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Thread: who saw Janet jackson lose her top

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    So who saw it. Justin Timberlake did something wrong and her tit fell out. I laughed my ass off.....

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    It sure looked like a "Pasty" to me. It was shiny....
    By the way, this if finally my 500th post!

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    I saw the same thing, NICE

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    That looked like a stunt to get some attention to me. Did you see the naked guy doing the Riverdance? What the ****?!

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    Here it is

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    My daughter saw it and did not tell me.
    Looks like I need to train her a bit on when to alert dad.

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    The Drudge Report has the story. It was all planned. I guess it pissed off a few people

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    I imagine so with the pastie.
    Maybe that was the surprise performer?

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