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Thread: What size and pitch prop are you running?

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    I had an interesting conversation tonight with a prop guy.
    He informed me that the newer props today are cupped differently.
    I was thinking an 11 1/2 x 15 for the Howard.
    But he says must guys are going 11 3/8 max.
    I was looking at an 11 1/4 x15. But my Dad(old school) thought it wouild spin the motor to much. Now my brain is hurting....

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    Try every prop. you can. Let the boat tell yo what it want's
    Everything is give & take. Find one that you, your dad & your boat likes.

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    I had 2 props that were both 11 1/4 x 16 Menkins. Identical to look at. But one slipped like Hell out of the gate while the other one hooked hard and man handled the boat. So you just gotta try them or rely on the prop builder and tell him what you want.

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    Thanks Morg,
    Thats what I am thinking. Try what I can, keep what I like.
    The heck with Dad. He was his own boats to worry about.

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    Good to try manny,
    Young grasshopper should lister to elders.
    One who blows up own moter learn to paddle.

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    The heck with Dad a good way..,
    Wouldnt have this boat without him and what he has taught me over the years.

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    A good prop man can measure the cup for you from edge to edge.This will tell you how much bit is in the prop. A flat prop, one without much bit will start out at 15, then 16 then back to 15. Not much bit so you run a taller gear. If you have one that has a lot of bit, like 14, 16, and ends up at 20 or so you run a real low gear. I'm no expert, but this is the way it was explain to me. Take your prop to a good prop guy and have him measure it! I'm talking about a 2 blade.

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    I love my pump.

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    Yeah your right, It does not matter what impeller you run. It will still be.......... ah you know the rest..

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    Originally posted by Checkmate
    I love my pump.
    Well ,I can change the prop in 10 minutes...
    How long does it take to change an IMPellar? 2 days?

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