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Thread: Striped bolt holes

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    72 superlite
    Help me. Worked on putting the motor back together today, after we finally got it painted. I put on the aluminum timing cover and the two holes for the front ( balancer end ) for the oil pan are striped. They are on the bottom edge of the timing cover. I have a oil pan stud kit. I know I could drill them out and tap them, but what about epoxying the studs into the holes? Anybody have any advice on products, or methods.

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    Striped bolt holes...shit can it and buy a new one.

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    Buy some helicoil thread repair inserts and be done with it.

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    Lookin for Liquid
    What he said!.....No other option!

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    Rick, It is important to be able to remove these two bolts to facilitate breaking loose the pan in the future. So, studs would make it more difficult {you cant get the putty knife under the corner}. However, it will work to seal the pan. My cover allows me to put a nut on the top side and this works also. since these are 1/4 inch bolts there isnt a lot of torque required to complete the seal. The one piece oil pan gasket works well but you still have to use sealer in this area, at least from my past experience and no one wants an oil leak in a circle boat!!!!!:wink:

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    Oh My God,
    Look who has a computer again.
    Hi, Jerkster. Ready to go racing yet???

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    Heli-coil. Quite simple really. Buy the kit,(helicoil tap, installation tool, and about a dozen inserts) After you fix the T/C, put the kit away with your taps and dies, believe me, you'll use it again....Moneypitt

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    Originally posted by RaysonKid
    Oh My God,
    Look who has a computer again.
    Hi, Jerkster. Ready to go racing yet???
    Yes, tis I, but no new puter yet. Any posting, if I dont get cut off takes about 15 minutes! I have not got any boat work done other than removing one gas tank. I just dont have the energy lately, so it will be a 30 day 3 boat thrash in May, I suppose... I would sure like to come to the Puhaliyup {hows that for sp?} swap meet, but I need energy to do that also! Help me work over Snowboat to bring his 'Blown-B' boat to Banks Racer Reunion! We need speed ski demo!

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    72 superlite
    heli coil good!!! all better now. Thanks Rex. Circlejerk come over for the Puyallup swap meet and I'll pull you around in my kids wagon. I'm going.

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    When is this swap meet? I am always up for a good hunt and I'm only a couple of hours south.

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