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Thread: Spam! 1986 20’ 6” Eliminator Scorpion

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    I am posting this for a friend, give me a PM if interested or call him your self .Pictured to follow!
    Five color let down on a black base gelcoat, chocolate brown to tan with an orange outline.
    Custom interior to include gunwale seats over tunnels - no tears or fading.
    Full instrumentation. Nordskog speedo, trim, transom jack, water temp, water pressure, digital tachometer, and fuel.
    Bottom blueprinted and speed-coated - may need new speed-coat.
    Foot throttle, and trim/tilt, hydraulic transom jack on floor. Once you shift into gear you do not have to remove your hands from the steering wheel.
    110 GPH fuel pump on separate switch.
    2 – 20 gallon aluminum gunwale fuel tanks with SS braided line to fuel pump.
    Fuel pickups opened up to ½”
    Aluminum billet manual fuel switch valve.
    Custom made aluminum and Stainless steel ski pole.
    Navigation lights
    Three bilge pumps. One in each sponson and one in the center pod.
    Opposing entry rack and pinion steering to counteract torque.
    6” Eliminator anodized setback bracket.
    Custom made aluminum after planes over tunnels with stainless steel turnbuckles.
    Boat has very few scratches from use. I can only find one stress crack on one of the sponsons. If you know anything about Eliminator, this will not surprise you.
    Boat has run 102.369 mph with an old Cross Flow Evinrude in a sanctioned SLDBA race. I ran in the 13.000 to 13.750 bracket.
    Boat is in excellent condition and has been stored inside except when on the water.
    1990 Johnson 225 Outboard
    This is a fresh outboard with 3 hours break-in time only, on complete repower.
    Powerhead was new from Southwest Marine to include;
    New pistons, rings, seals, bearings, and gaskets.
    Reed banks have been cleaned, blueprinted, and have Boyensen single stage reeds.
    Engine has been deburred in intake and all water passages.
    Six brand new carburetors, with new bodies, and new internal kits.
    New powerpack.
    6 new coils.
    6 new spark plug wires.
    New plugs.
    Tested and tuned by professional boat shop.
    Powerhead with crank and end caps.
    Set of heads that have been milled .010” for higher compression [never used]
    Enough parts to build six additional carburetors.
    7 spare coils.
    Spare intake manifold and reed cages with stainless steel reeds.
    Spare lower unit that has a Land and Sea low water pickup nosecone, with new shift dogs.
    4 rods with used pistons. One new 0.030” over piston.
    Box of assorted nuts, bolts, and parts for powerhead.
    Other assorted parts, linkages, shift rod, air box, wiring harnesses, and such.
    Trailer is not the prettiest thing on the market but gets the job done.
    It is a 1976 Roadrunner tandem axle trailer converted from a vee bottom trailer to a tunnel hull trailer. Everything has been welded, sandblasted, and painted brown. Tires have good tread. The trailer has served me well since 1976.
    I am asking $10,000.00 for the entire package. I will consider delivering the boat within 500 miles of St. Louis, Missouri for $0.32 a mile.
    Joel West

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    Also has a Land and Sea Jack Plate!

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    BTW this guy bought this boat brand new and has always keep it indoors for over 18yrs!

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    Ok guys whats the deal all these views and not reply Is it over priced? Or do these boats have a bad rep I dont know about? Its a really clean boats with new power and runs fast so whats the deal. Someone fill me in please

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    Here's my $.02.
    1. Most buyers in the midwest are looking to go fast period! Therefore, the STV, Mirage, and Allisons are the most popular. As a result, it is going to take someone who wants a west coast boat to pay $10K for that bad boy.
    2. Trailer hurts the deal. Boat looks good, trailer doesn't.
    3. For me at least, the colors hurt the boat. I have never been a big fan of brown. Just my opinion. There are people out there that will like the color.
    I think the boat is priced about right. Not a bad deal, just going to take the right buyer.
    Good Luck.

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    I would have to agree with you on all the above.It just seems like people are scared of these boats? I know they perform like shit in a jet but with all the talk about the liberators and outboards I would think someone would scoop this up considering there the same hull. Not to mention this bout will run 100mph no bull shit, but that is with all the interior out and using a fuel cell and propped to drag.

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    You Te
    What gears, what prop and what RPM does the motor turn when it's doing 100 MPH?
    You Te

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    Originally posted by You Te
    What gears, what prop and what RPM does the motor turn when it's doing 100 MPH?
    You Te
    1:85/1, 30p seebold chooper, right about 7000rpm. 2.6 xp ported polished and milled ccc flex plate, low water pick up, nose cone 1' below pad 12° trim.
    Are you calling bull shit!

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    Old Walrus
    Old Walrus here. This is my boat and my friend SuperVee has listed it for me. Now I have my own login and will keep posted on what is going on and answer any questions.
    Thank you for looking and responding, and thanks to SuperVee for the initial post.
    The Old Walrus

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