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Thread: oh shit handles!

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    Drunk tank
    Whats a good place to get an oh shit handle to mount on the dash infront of the front passenger? I've had people almost bounce out of my boat before when hitting someones wake with the think goin balls to the wall. Figure I'd Like to keep them in so i dont have to slow down, turn around and pick them up. Do you guys have any other creative ways or places to mount a handle liek that? I want something thats low profile and not very noticable... figure it might show off my bad driving.
    muchas gracias

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    jeep store! give it a good shake before somone goes flying out with part of your boat though.

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    Originally posted by AdrenelineOD
    jeep store! give it a good shake before somone goes flying out with part of your boat though. and use thruogh bolts only or else!!!!!!!!

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    Try these guys. Top notch parts and good service too.

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    ASK CHET. I think he has oh shit bars on his boat.

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    Process of elimination--keep tossing them until you find a passenger that can stay in and ask her if she'll get married

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    Here you go- The ultimate passenger restraint system!

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    That's not a bad idea

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    Doug H.
    Marlin455, that is some funny shit man.

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    Definately go through Rex Marine. My brother has one on the dash of his southwind. Go with a billet marine grab handle and it will look like it belongs there not really conveying the occasional Jack ass manuver. So are you building those seats yet? Get crackin' spring break is coming fast.

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