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Thread: demon 750 vs. edelbrock

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    I picked up a mighty demon 750 to swap out my edelbrock 750. I'm hoping for 10hp, let's hear some predictions or results! It's a 388 stroker with 400 hp , runs at 5200.

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    What model Demon 750? The Edelbrock is a good reliable carb. I switched from the Edlebrock(Webber) to a Holley 650hp double pumper for extra hp gain. I'm still baselining, I should see major results.

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    Who knows, but we could start by finding out what exactly is it thats giving you 400 hp.
    I just re-subscribed to Tractor Pull. You gotta see the cover this month!

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    It's the mighty demon 750 with four corner idle, double pumper, changeable boosters. That Edelbrock ran flawlessly for 8 years and I won't get rid of it! good spare, I just think there's mo' power.SBC Engine is .060" ,stroker Scat crank, 5.7 Eagle rods, TRW forged pistons, 10.6 comp,out of the box edelbrock rpm heads, comp cams 280,1.6 rockers, balanced , blueprinted ( yes I know what that actually means), strip dominator intake, two inch spacer. OK Hoss, now a power prediction? I'm not gonna hold ya to it. Just want some ideas.

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    My guess is 420 hp. those rpm heads are a little short over 4500 for much more

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    Valves, is that an actual comp ratio? If so you are closer to 450. Like to know the valve job if any. Massaged ports? I don`t like 383`s or 400`s. Small blocks are made to spin. Sounds like a nice mill. Wish I had the carb. Mine got caught up in my die grinder. Chewed the shit outa the choke horn and boosters. I`ve now even got garden hose for air bleeds.

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    The demons are cool, will be able to get a lot more fuel into the motor than an edelbrock style. But the edelbrock has more tuning features if you're the kinda guy that'll be playing with jetting all the time. Sooooooo....I think the demon will allow the motor to make an additional 15 hp on the top end. Is this motor in a boat or car?

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    yup, it's in a jetboat, I'd be happy with 15hp! The rpm heads are out of the box. I was told by a smart guy (trust me) that there's not alot to be gained with the edelbrocks through porting, they are decent out of the box but you need AFR or Brodix for the big flow numbers. 10.6 comp is actual. Hopefully the edelbrock carb was like a big fat cork on this engine! As for carb spacers , if anyone's curious , try one. All engines are different but mine must've needed it, I gained 100rpm with an open 2 inch.

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