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Thread: What's the best cleaner

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    I just bought a boat and it has been in a nasty lake for a couple of months. It has very hard water stains on the cav plates and hull. I have tried Ducky, Simple Green, and others with only moderate help. Anybody out there have a secret product or solution. It has to be safe for anodized plates, chrome and fiberglass. Any help would be great. I don't normally deal with this because my boats never stay in the water more than a few days.

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    American Eagle73
    What about a good Citrus based engine cleaner?>

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    Straight vinegar or "Gel Gloss" spray. I believe Home Depot now arries the Gel Gloss...Good Luck, Mike

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    Try some CLR.
    It's made for cleaning calcium deposits and such in faucets and showers. Should cut the gunk without damaging the finish.

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    thanks guys, I wanted to use CLR but was afraid it would hurt the anodized finish. Have you ever tried it?

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    Flitz polish. You can get it in many cutlery stores and on line. That is all I use on my pollished aluminum and it is also good for fiberglass. Good luck.

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    Never tried the CLR on anodized stuff, but I have used it on cheapo brass plated bathroom hardware with no ill effects.

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