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Thread: Paul Showman Passed Away

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    Paul Showman passed away Friday here in Broken Arrow.
    He was having his regular coffee at Duffy's restaurant and said he was not feeling well. He got in his car and started to drive off. He stopped and put his car in park. Was found dead.
    What a tragic loss.
    His funeral will be this Thursday at 10:30 AM. The united Methodsit church in Broken Arrow, OK
    I shot this video of him in November. Not fancy but it is him. Getting some help to the trailer.
    Showman at Ft. Gibson lake Oklahoma. (

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    Info, was his boat called Garform? Hope I spelled that right.

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    Yes it was. Garform the manufacturer.
    It hauled ass too. I have some video from the lake that I took a few years back. I would have to look real hard to find.
    There are a few more boats like that around here.

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    Met him years back at Phoenix. Saw him there many time in the 80's. Very nice guy. I think he ran just over 100 with that big old boat. Sorry to see him pass on.

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    Definitely a sad loss in the drag racing community. I raced against him at the world finals in '99, and he whooped my ass with that tug boat! But I figured if I was getting beat, best to get beat by someone who had been racing (and the same boat even) for over 50 years..... I'll see if I can find the picture.

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    hate to hear that saw him run for five or six years at high piont he was just a pleasure to see run and talk too but he went out in style raced boats for iknow since the 50's
    will be missed

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    Saw him race several times at Chandler. He was the Showman.

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    I knew I'd find it!
    Godspeed Paul........

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