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Thread: America On-line = crooked fuc%#@$

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    I notice they have been billing me twice each month on my credit card so I call my credit card company. The rep tells me there have been TONS of people calling about the same problem. Don't bother trying to tell me AOL doesn't know anything about it, they are ****ing crooks. Now I have to sit on the phone for 45 minutes while I wait for someone to help me.
    Who here can tell me the best on-line program because I am canceling my AOL shit

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    Get a cable modem thriugh your cable company. Mine cost $45 per, and faster than DSL. Aol was $24 and change slower than dog shit. Me very happy

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    I have never had an issue with them, been using them since the old 9600 dial speed's
    I watch my cards all the time on-line for bogus charges.
    I have seen double hits for purchases, they usually get reversed back the next day on there own.
    Good luck with them, did you try the on-line IM help?

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    Got my mom on Earthlink. Seems pretty good. 19.95 I just got SBC DSL 26.95 I'm still workin out a few issues but I like it.

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    It is hard to get AOL to stop the billing. Good Luck

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    I had AOL years ago. I wanted to cancel it but could not find thier number on my paper work or on thier web site. So I would go online and send them an email saying I would like to cancel. I would never hear back from them. I didn't push it, but would check my email every so often to see if they resonded. This went on for a few months until I finally obtained thier phone number. I called and said that I have been trying to cancel my internet for a few months with no response from them. They said they would cancel it but since I have used it until the time I had called them they would not credit me for the last few months. I told them the only time I used it was to try and contact them. They said prove it. I said f... you! They charged me up until the day I contacted them on the phone. F...ers! The funny thing is the next day they called me to try to get me to sign back up with them.....I went ballistic on the guy on the other end of the phone line. Every other word out of my mouth was f... you, f... that you, f... I would not wish AOL on my worst enemy. And yes thier service sucked big time!
    Sorry for the rant.

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    AOL is a disease :yuk:

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    Got rid of my AOL a long time ago, had nothing but problems with them. Now on Pacbell DSL. Your best bet is to see which is going to give you a better deal/connection in your area DSL or Cable....

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    Good luck with them, did you try the on-line IM help?
    I phoned them at first. Sat on hold for 15 minutes listening to the recording telling me how much faster it would be if I did it on-line so I hung up. Signed on and did exactly what they told me to do in order to get a hold of someone. I tried 3 different ways and all three resulted in "error, website not responding"
    Called them back, waited on hold for another 15 minutes, got a hold of a rep named Guatalupe. Here is how the convo went.
    Me: Hi, for some reason, you guys are billing me twice every month for the past 3 months.
    Guatalupe: AOL doesn't just bill someone twice, you must have multiple accounts.
    Me: ahhhh, yeah. I do that all the time since I have so much extra money laying around, I like to reward companies like yourselves that give me such customer satisfaction.
    Guatalupe: Sir, I found the problem, you have 2 accounts. One is listed under your screen name and the other is listed under _____,
    The other account was listed under a secondary screen name which my brother uses which you can do for free under aol's plan. I think each account is allowed 5 extra screen names. (his being the ONLY one) So what they did was created a second account under his screen name, billed me twice a month for 3 months and to top it all off, tried to blame me for it.
    Sorry so long, just wanted peeps to take a good look at your account statments cause ya never know.

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    I tried AOL and i couldent quit,so i stoped payments and they said it was going on my credit report,after a few months i got it settled.When trying to talk to them they wont let you get a word in.:yuk:Now i have Juno and no problems.

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