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Thread: Looking for some info

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    Does anybody know anything about Jetster's? I bought a 1978 Jetster last year and I was wondering if they are any good. I have looked around and also asked people about them but I can't seem to get any info on it. If anybody knows about them I would really appreciate the info.

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    got any pics?

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    This is the best one I have of it.

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    Originally posted by BlownHowardCat
    Here ya go
    Probably a copy of something, maybe a Hallet(the Hallet could be a copy too?) I know of one that runs Very strong.

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    also resembles a mid 70's elim. bubble?

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    flat broke
    I'm gonna go with Todd on this one. It looks A LOT like an old Elminator Bubble. If its a splash of that hull and constructed halfway well, it should perform nicely. I loved the set our old Elim bubble took. Nice riding boat for its size.

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    i had a buddy whom had the splash of an elim, bubble 76", and the man. was mantra ray,...the boat was pretty quick and it came with a panther pump. it was a very clean boat, a guy from San Dimas bought it! the orig. gel was yellow/orange w/ black pinstripes....white int. and accenting colors! super clean!

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    hey AdrenelineOD, nice looking boat. got any more pics showing the entire thing?
    oh, and the red jetster looks like a Tahiti to me. anyone know if they splashed it?

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