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Thread: Janet Jackson, What about SHAQ

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    Everyone is pissed about janet,
    What about shaq cussing on tv, and when he is told it is live unedited, He cusses even more.
    Doesnt that bother anyone, probably not, cus your kids hear it out of your mouths all the time.
    Shaq has more impact on kids than Janet, but noone seems to care......
    Either way I DONT CARE....

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    I guess its ok for a big black man to cuss on tv while children watch, who idolize him.
    I guess its expected of him

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    Shaq is an Idiot .... with NO class
    and no, it is not OK

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    Originally posted by Kilrtoy
    I guess its ok for a big black man to cuss on tv while children watch, who idolize him.
    I guess its expected of him
    You're a master baiter Kilrtoy.
    You're stirring the pot comparing Shaq's behavior on a local TV channel after a Lakers game versus Janet Jackson on international TV during the Super Bowl.
    Those profanities by Shaq will probably cost him more than Janet's boob-baring will cost her. Hell, her antics will probably bring her career back from the dead.

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    You're a master baiter Kilrtoy
    Dan very good,
    I learned how to stir from you.
    And your assessment is probably dead on.
    You know the saying , you can take the man from the ghetto, BUT............................................... ..

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    Who cares? Nothing you don't see on TV (HBO or other premium channels) anymore. Most kids are saying what Shaq said on the playground long before they see a Laker's game. Parents say what Shaq said in front of their children every day. They don't learn it from Shaq but at home.
    I do believe all of the so-called entertainers and athletes have lost a lot of class over the last few decades. Now the odd is the norm. We, as a society, condone this bad behavior by rewarding these fools with huge contracts and fan adolation. It's your own fault for idolizing these overpaid spoilt brats who mostly grew up in the ghetto and continue their ghetto ways in front of a bigger audience than the street corner hoods they would be without a skill such as throwing a ball into a hoop.
    BTW...the "ghetto" comment is NOT meant to be racist as I grew up in the 'hood and know it well. Ghettos and ghetto dwellers come in all colors. Ghetto is a state of mind not of color.

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    Caribbean Jet
    He was suspended for one game and it cost him almost $300,000.

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    Caribbean Jet
    After posting my last thoughts about Shaq and the F bomb, I was reading the titles to the other topics and three of them had the F bomb in them. I just thought this was a little funny.

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    J <---hook ok I'll bite.
    It's called Presumed expectation.
    When I come over to your house I presume that your dog wont bite me and the beer will be COLD.
    If you tell me the dog will bite me, then its my choice to take the chance if I want to temp check your beer.
    If you dont tell me and I get bitten then we have a problem.
    When I watch a sporting event with my family I "expect" to see coachs and players using foul language and I "expect" my kids to be able to read their lips. Thats my choice.

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    Originally posted by Caribbean Jet
    He was suspended for one game and it cost him almost $300,000. wow Janet is like up for 28,000 or somthing

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