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Thread: OMC Outdrive gear oil

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    Fired Up
    My 1985 18' Advantage ski boat has the 3.8 litre V-6 with the OMC I/O. The outdrive unit has lower, intermediate and upper gearcases. It calls for OMC Hi-Vis gearcase lube. I'd like to replace the oil with something over the counter and not specialty marine oil that costs so much more. Can I use regular 75-90w gear oil? Any recommendations?

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    not guilty
    I use MYSTIC precision blue 80-90w in al mine , never had any problems.Around this area you can find it at farm king or farm an fleet stores , dont know what you have like that around you. NG

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    Hey guys I have a cobra omc out drive. Any idea how much oil these hold?

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    jstwkd, we should meet up some time. I have all the factory OMC manuals for 1994 & just put mine all back together and tested at lake Sonoma on Monday night, the manuals do help! What gear oil are you using? Is yours a Cobra or King Cobra?

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    I'll call you tonight.I'm not sure if its a king or not.Its actually my dads boat.I'm not even sure wich oil to run.

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    For anyone else who might need OMC info this may be one of the best sources you can get if you really need something. Tech support at FW supplied it to me & said these guys are who you want to talk to & worked directly with OMC when they were in business.
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