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Thread: snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    snow in the high desert about a inch

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    Tom Brown
    We've got an inch of snow. We keep it with the rest of our snow.

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    We may get an inch or so here in T town, 10-12 inches on Mount Lemmon, may have to go up and do a little ski'n Thursday after they get the road open.

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    Keep stockpiling.
    God forbid you run out before June.
    Originally posted by Tom Brown
    We've got an inch of snow. We keep it with the rest of our snow.

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    I want some snow,,,,Please!!!!

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    Originally posted by mrsdrmr
    I want some snow,,,,Please!!!!
    Here ya go
    Our big "2 foot" storm turned into 6 inches:

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    Took this one this past weekend...

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    my freezer is frosty Got my snow pants on!

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    Hey Dirtman, after looking at that pic it even looks cold in your avatar

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