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Thread: Jr Bent Pipes

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    Too late smallz I think Jr.s already got his ride.

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    Well what did he get?????????????????

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    Cant remember but I believe he was going to pick it up in the next weekend or so.

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    Jr. bentpipes
    It looks like the deal went sour and I am not going to get it, that sucks it was exactly what I was wanting!!!!! 66 nova, or earlier smalls is what I want.

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    I'll keep lookin.........................

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    Quote..smalls is what I want..UnQuote......

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    Don't get jealous pumpkin, I still love ya..........
    Sangster, What rock have you been hiding under?

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    Whats up Sunshine......I've been around...Between being busy, sick and trying to get caught up on things I haven't had time to post much... ...Startin' to feel much better lately so watch out...Should be an exciting year by the sound of things.....

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    JR.bp, do you want a hardtop or post? I have a friend getting ready to sell a 65 post small block car.

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