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Thread: Any website guys ??

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    I'm looking to have a website built for my company. Does anyone on the boards do that ??

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    I also will be doing that soon and would like to support someone here.

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    Well I can offer our service...but it might be called spam
    web design (

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    A guy that used to work for me was one of the founders of this group. He is the technical director, and does the bulk of the flash work. He's was always a talented dude.
    Might be a little out there for your purposes, but they are talented folks.

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    Originally posted by drbones
    Well I can offer our service...but it might be called spam
    web design (
    Non boating stuff is only spam when not solicited. You're covered. At least on ***boat.

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    depends on what you're looking for, but I do web sites from time to time.

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    I haven't done many of them, but I can do them. I did it for one of my biggest customers, but wouldn't be opposed to building another. Here's the one that I've done. (
    If you're interested, PM me.

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    UBFJ #454
    One of our Sponsors (and part owner), Santaya Consulting, put together (and maintains) our website (their design [with my input] and implementation]) ... ... for a very reasonable price. I know they have designed, constructed and currently maintain a variety websites ranging from the simplier (like ours) to ones that are relatively complex with shopping carts, etc.. You might want to contact them and get some info.
    Owners name is Debbie. She is located here in Phoenix and can be reached at (602) 460-0100 (her cell).

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    My friend Steve designs many websites and does great work. Email me if you want his contact info to see some of his work.

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    Looks like a lot of good information here.

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