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Thread: good for a laugh

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    Not appropriate for children
    Hope the link

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    hamster.jpg maybe this will work

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    okay I quit,,,can't figure out how to copy a cute little video to this thing..if anyone knows how..let me know

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    click here (
    Here ya go mrsdrmr

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    Originally posted by topless
    click here (
    Here ya go mrsdrmr
    Your a doll topless, how'd ya do it?

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    Can't tell ya, I'd have to kill ya.

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    keith, thanks, I was just taught how to get it copied. I started a different thread with it,.. your a doll
    Topless, you'd have to kill me huh,,what if thats what I want? huh huh

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    I put it on another thread too.

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    Originally posted by Keithb87
    I put it on another thread too.
    you mean you stole my cute little video and posted it somewhere else, rude just who do you think you are,,,you are so insensitive, so mean, sooooooooooooo oh never mind

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