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Thread: Need info on 377 Scorpion motors!

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    Buying a 22 ft Daytona, and it has a 377 scorpion motor in it from mercruiser. Am looking for info about that motor. I am pretty much wanting to know if it could handle a pro charger on it or if I am going to have to have to dig into it. The boat runs in the low 70's and I want around 80! Thanks!

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    DCB had a 377w/whipple on a mach 22 a two or three years ago.
    w/ a procharger the power to weight would probably be really good. i'd think you could get 80 out of it. good luck!

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    great motor, they use the Lunati strokers in there i believe. Should not be a problem. I know Whipple has a kit for it.

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    Everything I have heard has been very positive. The power to weight ratio is awesome. Put a whipple on it and you have all the power you want.

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    dr. margarita
    Bitchen!!! A 22ft cat with a handbuilt small block in it that'll do 80!! Why do I love this idea!!

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    Thanks for the info. I will contact whipple about that kit!

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