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Thread: dominator impeller size question

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    I am trying to check which impellor I have.Do you measure it the same as a berkley?

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    The impeller appears to be bronze and measures 6.5" at smallest area .
    hope it isn't a C cut.

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    impeller size chart on bottom of the page.
    My old jet,

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    On my dominator there is an aluminum tag on top with the impeller size stamped into the tag. The tag is between the inspection hole cover and the bearing.

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    Is a dominator impeller the same as a berk?

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    The impellers are a little different if I remember correctly.
    The dominator used a shouldered wear ring, so the wear ring area on the impeller is a little shorter on the Dom than the Berk, and the back sides are shaped different because the bowls are not cut the same. The berk has a oiled bushing in the bowl for the impeller shaft and the Dom uses no lube, just the water in the bowl for lube. At least thats the way I remember them.

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    According to the chart in the back of the Seloc Marine Jet manual, 6.5" would make it a "C" cut, but it also says the large dimension would have been cut to 8.5"(from 9"). Is it?
    What motor was in that hull previously? Small block?

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    yes it had a small block in it.
    I will measure front of imp tonight.

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    yep it are a C cut
    what RPM range would this really put me in?

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    RPm range will depend on HP of the engine. but If you assume 450HP, peak rpm would be around 5900rpm. I believe to hold a 30mph cruise speed it would take close to 4000rpm.

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