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Thread: Is this a deal?

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    I'm taking the Advantage in Saturday to A1 so we can figure out what the new interior will be like. Worst case scenario for all new wood, foam, and carpet is $2800. Keep in mind it IS an 18' open bow. How does this compare with interiors any of you have had done?
    A few things I'm changing....
    No piping on the seats
    wider pleats... no more 80s tuck and roll
    I think it's called french seams?
    My thought is to go yellow on the vinyl, and carry the blue, red orange stripes on the seats from the bow back, and wrap around on the engine cover. I'm keeping the 80s yellow gel... it has kinda grown on me.
    Any suggestions, tips?
    And YES Brian, the carpet is staying BLUE!

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    I say It's a little high, but it they do awesome work, then I say go for it!!

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    Pd 2500 for a complete 21' open bow carrera last summer (seats only, not floors, but included a new bimini

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    Not too bad. You could find cheaper if cheaper is what your lookin for. Just be sure to look at their work on someone elses ride. I will be startin a 21 Dimarco in a couple of weeks. It will run about 3500 for a total gut and redesign.

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    Originally posted by roostwear
    And YES Brian, the carpet is staying BLUE!
    Am I the Brian you are talking about? haha.
    Sounds reasonable to me, as long as you are happy paying it, and you get your monies worth.
    I wish I had gotten away from the tuck and roll when I did mine. It was what I could afford at the time.

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    Any others that have had their interiors redone?

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    I've gotten quotes for a complete rebuild in a 21' open bow with a rear deck that were closer to $4,000. I got the quotes from D&S and Stitchcraft.
    Sounds good to me especially if they are building the furniture and not just covering it.

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    I would just remember the age old saying "You get what you pay for." And be sure to check out this guys work first. Any good company will have plenty of work that you can take a look at.
    Just my 02.
    Oh and I just remembered... make sure you get in writing the completion date and price. I know its a bummer to ask for all this stuff but remember the guy that didnt get his shit back for like 6 months or so. It was on another thread way back when.

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    hack job
    i had mine done it cost 2000 with a buddy deal . i had do it there are pics of my boat right on there page.
    in the gallery under boats and watercraft.
    i love mine mine was new wood and all( and yes it was glassed) plus side panels and carpet for that price plus they only took about a week and a half. cant beat that any were.

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