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Thread: tweaker flatty

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    Anyone recognize this? Some tweakers left it at a friend of mine's three months ago and disappeared. The name is "THE ROACH"

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    Christ, the thing has a better v-drive sittin' on the deck, out in the weather than the one that's in my old Howard.

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    It's just the case, with one gear. It was sitting in a bucket in the back seat. Boat has a Halibrand case.

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    Lein sale it and make a Dock Banger Loaner Boat!
    Make sure its not hot!

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    Say the word and I'll come pick it up

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    Does Maritime law take precedent for a backyard "salvage"?

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    I have a friend that got a Howard runner that way. Guy left it to do some work on it and wouldn't comme and get it. Went to the DMV and lein saled it and got all new paper work!

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    hey Brad I told you on the other site I'd come get it, just let me know the tire size....It looks amazingly similar to my which case it has no identifying tags...strip it, paint it, get another trailer, and keep it. Don.

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    I'm waiting for you to come and get it, strip it and paint it. Then I'll come up and steal it from you.
    That actually happened to a good friend of mine. Sold his van to guy with a fake cashiers check. Took him two years to find his van. It was painted, new motor. stereo etc. He got new plates and registration, drove HIS van off and put the new plates on it. Dumb ass that stole it didn't even change the ignition.

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    Originally posted by BradP
    Does Maritime law take precedent for a backyard "salvage"?
    I think this one would fall under the 9 tenths law:
    Possesion is 9 tenths of the law, the other tenth is just details.
    We have ways to get the details worked out
    Gimi a call and it'll be gone, no more eye sore in the backyard:wink:

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