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Thread: Tough choice

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    After visiting several boat builders @ the show my buddy has a tough choice to make . He happened to see Laser boats and fell in love with the 23 Apex. I must admit it is a really big boat, the interior is very big, and seems like a solid boat. The kicker is, it is a bigger boat, more interior room, and is priced below the Lavey. I know that the Lavey is a great boat but he uses his boat at havasu all the time , so his thinking is the apex is two feet longer and so much wider,translates into a smoother ride? here we go again any thoughts

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    Is the Laser measured on bottom running length basis or does that measurement include the swim step! The Lavey has a real 21 foot running bottom not including the integrated step (therefore about a 23 footer overall)
    Make sure you compare apples to apples is my recommendation

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    Dr. Eagle
    In order to remove the need for a Bayliner...

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    True 23 running surface not counting bolted on swim steps

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    How deep is the V? I think the Lavey is 21 degrees.
    IMHO the Lavey is better quality overall, but if the V is similar the Laser would probably ride better. Is it a step bottom?

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    No step in the bottom here are the specs
    deadrise at transom-20 degrees
    approx weight with engine-3800lbs
    entry-35 degrees
    approx weight-3500
    Theese are with 496 engines, notice the weight the Lavey is about 300 lbs heavier if they are the same engines?
    I probed through the laser very good and it is a well thought out boat imo .

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    Originally posted by Dr. Eagle
    In order to remove the need for a Bayliner...
    http://www.*** Here, Here! I second that ole' Boy!

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    I've never ridden in the Laser but I have ridden and driven the Lavey. It has a great solid ride in the chop and feels bigger than it really is. The things I remember about it beyond great ride in chop was it felt really well put together. The only negative I can think of was that during hard cornering, it had the tendancy to walk side to side. Not big deal though but probably a result of an aggressive step design.
    That beam of 100 will probably let you sit 4 across the back bench seat versus 3 in an 88" incher

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    Dr. Eagle
    Originally posted by LASERRAY
    Here, Here! I second that ole' Boy!

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    I personally prefer the look of the laser. But I'm an Essex guy, so if I didn't step up and say that it would be like talkin' crap on my cousin or something like that.
    Regardless, I like the Laser.

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