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Thread: Will it last

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    I am having a Mach 26 built with 750hp and 825lb of torqe will a xz drive live? Or do I need a XR drive?

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    Buy the XR the you get what you pay for and in the long run it will last longer or better yet spend the xtra cash and get a
    B-Max. repairs are not cheep! you just end up spending all that xtra money in repairs. you can sell the XR drive pretty easy if DCB wont split the package.

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    I have 25 hours on a XZ drive,890hp in a 25 daytona.Lots of 100mph passes

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    Get an IMCO Extreme SC - better, stronger than an XR..... and I think you can get with a 1", 2", or 3" shortie, if you want to change you X also.

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