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Thread: Hydro strut bonding material?

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    I just removed the whip strut from my hydro due to MINOR a misalignment problem. The strut was bonded to the bottom of the hull with a white material (epoxy, resin...???) What is this material? What is the procedure for reattaching this strut? Or who do I call?
    Any help is much appreciated

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    The white stuf should be marine sea going putty, which yes is pretty much an epoxy.
    I am guessing you would also want to bolt the whip stut thru the hull, with at least a backer plate inside the hull??
    I know TFH's even cross braces the whip strut to the rails.

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    Thanks Morg. It looks like this material was even used to slightly space the whip strut a little off the bottom of the boat (like a shim) Is this normal or a common practice?

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    We've had to do this and used Marine tex as a filler material for slight variations in alignment. I agree you want to bolt that thing down also.

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    I have had the best luck using the epoxy to get the part where it needs to be like Fiat said. I would sugjest pre-drill, set the strut. Then bolt LOOSELY in place. Come back later to tighten up.

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    My .02
    Mock the entire set up first with shims as necessary, make it all perfect!!!! Then go back and set everything permanently in a bed of Sea Goin Putty. Solid as Sears.

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