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    If you know much about snowbirds.....not the winged type, but the AARP Card Carrying members, you know about Quartzsite. This is the winter desert home of tens of thousands of folks who live in their RV's while parked out on BLM land. They come to get away from the frigid winters of the north and east. To enjoy the gentler climate of Southern California and Western Arizona.
    Its an hour or so from Parker and a bit more from Havasu. One of the town's interesting things to do is is to visit the hugest swap meet around. Its called...:The Main Event." Its been going on for years and just gets bigger all the time. You can find every manner of junk, arts and crafts, birdhouses, and jewelry. From 8 track tapes and 50 cent Casettes to motorized scooters and $3.00 Coyote Faces.
    Some folks even sell boats........check out these gems I found.
    They will even throw in a pair of skis with this one....
    Thanks ***boatPics ....

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    Which one did you buy

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    Those would make for some fun projects! Got my own diddy to do

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    The wood one was $750 and the little yellow Bubbles wanna be was $350. I like my boats from this century!

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