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Thread: AB1555 Noise limiting Law

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    I know this is in another thread (or 10) but, I feel this is a very important issue!
    I am amazed more folks are not pi$$ed off at Sacramento. If a bill passed thru the process which effected my industry, As AB1555 did the boating industry, I would be ALL over it! Where are the boat, engine and exhaust builders on this issue.
    Come on California,Arizona and Nevada HBer's, Call Sacramento! We proved with Joe "Grey" Davis, it is NEVER too late! Click on "Find My District" (
    This is how the State Senators voted;
    The Assembly Vote (

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    Do you just want me to write them or am I supposed to make someone disapeare?

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    Originally posted by AdrenelineOD
    Do you just want me to write them or am I supposed to make someone disapeare?

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    Pretty much a straight party line vote.:sleeping:With our far left wing dems (Ca does not seem to have any "moderate" dems) voting for it and the reps voting against. Just like every other restrictive law. It's amazing to me how little Ca's voters have come to care about freedom in the last 10 years or so... Every time we have to deal with our states officials, ie the DMV, we complain about it and then we go right out and elect members of the same party that is working to give them more and more power to mess up our lives.

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    I think most Californians don't see this as the state taking our rights. They see it as limiting those darn noisy boats and keeping the peace and quiet for the nice ducks and tourists.
    There are a relatively few of us who lilke the sound of OTT or Thru Transom exhaust. Most find it obnoxious, like loud motorcycles or those Rice Burner cars we make fun of.
    I have sent them some e-mails but never had a reply. I guess a letter writing campaign might help. I have never seen any of the manufacturers upset over it. OF course they will also be selling new boats and exhaust systems to those of us who need to comply.
    The citizens don't yet see that our freedoms are eroding slowly but surely every year.....
    Every power and right not given to the state or fed belongs to us. Not the other way around.

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    There is a similar law on the books for motorcycles, but 99% of bikes exhaust systems are modified the moment they get sold. Mine is. I still have the original exhaust in my garage just in case, but it's a fix it ticket at most and rarely enforced. It just depends on what municipality you are in. If the local authorities are cool and you are cool, they'll be no problemo, but if they're dicks or you're a dick to them, it's yet another tool to use against you.

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    That's what I'm hoping enforcement will be like on the water. A lot of us could get a noise pollution ticket with our cars/trucks exhaust or stereo but so long as you aren't a dipshit the LE don't usually care. That's what I'm banking on:frown:

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    One NO vote.... Fockin' whackas!

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