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Thread: LHC Stereo Shops

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    bear down
    I need a place that does some good work. I just need a amp replaced and re-installed. Any recommendations.

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    I have not used them yet, but they are going to be doing the install in my new boat. Both Magic & Conquest use them.
    Cartoyz is there name. They are up the street for Conquest. I am not sure of their number.

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    Ruben(installer) at Soundbank is another to add to your list.....

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    you can get car toyz number off some of the posts in the audio area. I called him to get a price and seemed like a good guy until I wanted to change the amps in the package he was reccomending. He was never to be heard from again. The guy from Advantage at the LA Show said the same thing. However, they do alot of boats and know what they are doing.

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    CAR TOYZ, GREAT WORK! (928) 680-0203

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    bear down
    Thanks for all of the info. Looks like Car toys it is!

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    Sound Bank did a clean install in our boat.

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    How many amps would you say I need to here over thishttp://www.*** behind the boat not in it

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