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Thread: Texaco/Shell credit card user's

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    Screaming Pete
    Beware, I just found a pattern of being doubled billed days later on my statments. It made it look like a new purchase four days later. so now I'm going thru my last years worth to statments to find out how long this has been going on

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    I`m going to check.

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    Well, what is the verdict?

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    The verdict? I have charges on my account. ****in` assholes!
    No one told me I was responsible for payment of this shit I bought at the end of the month. Dicks.
    I really haven`t checked yet. But will.

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    Hummmm...that could suck!!!
    I'll be checking mine now. Thanks for the info.

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    Three Days Only
    I had the same issue about 4-5 months ago. Its a pain in the ass and they make you do everything by mail. Hopefully you have the receipts or your going to need to request copies of those by mail also. If you can prove your case they will reimburse you, but **** they where a pain in the ass to deal with. I obviously could not use 130 gallons of gas in one truck every four to five days for two months in a row. Shit my ford only holds 38 gallons!!! I would go get lets say 34 gallons that would be on my bill and then the next day be billed for 130 gallons. Then 4-5 days later I would get gas again 33-35 gallons, then the next day again billed 130 gallons. They fixed it, but I almost fell over when I got the bill.
    Good Luck With The Fight
    Jeff / 3DO

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    Screaming Pete
    Yep we found it over the past several months, time to call them again

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    Dr. Eagle
    damn, I gotta get the wife to check this, I use that card a lot....

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    Reconcile my cards each month off the statement have to watch these guys. :eek!:

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    oh shit, i chewed out my son thinking he was going crazy with it!! ...

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